Naturalness in Backlink Building
Backlink İnşasında Doğallık

One of the building blocks of SEO is backlink. There are a lot of articles about backlink building in various sources. But none of these are as clear as we would like them to be. You should not forget this, if someone have found out the secret to rank on the top on Google, that someone would not share that information publicly. For this reason, you should not trust anyone about this. 

Examine all resources and determine your direction in line with this. Gather the information that you have and create an infrastructure that you can test them on. Try each tip for a certain period of time and apply the method that provides the fastest and most successful results on your main website. 

You should build your backlinks with patience and you should do this as natural as possible. For example, be a voluntary writer on other websites. But make sure that the websites you choose have domains with good reputations.  Otherwise, you will be knocking your head against the wall. You do not have to write at length. It is sufficient to publish some articles about some topics that you won’t be bored writing about. After a certain amount of time passes, you can share your links by writing about your own topic. 

If your content is liked by the visitors, these people will arrive at your social network accounts or your website via your profile links. This case shows that you are getting the reward for your efforts. 

Besides this, follow other techniques too. Especially examine your competitors’ websites. But, do not forget that each backlink building technique may not give the same results for everyone. You can only try and see. 

As a result, closely follow the result of each method that you try. Reject the bad backlinks that you get outside of your control. Do not forget, you can only see the results of your works by following. 


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