Effective Web Design Programs
Etkili Web Tasarım Programları

Almost all of us opine about the ones we have newly met. Preliminary impressions caused from these opinions are so important in this case. These treatment starts with clothes, continues with speech, smile, standing and even character analyze. We unconsciously label these qualifications in our minds.

Not only for daily routines but also shops we visit, devices we use, trademarks, advertisements may lead us create positive or negative prejudices depending on these ‘first impressions’.

Of course web sites forming the electronical leg of these first impressions are a part of that experience. Naturally it causes to be 1-0 handicap for your company among these rival companies in such a harsh competition.

That’s why true indexes, a clear target and an easy-to-understand message would naturally give birth to positive results for everyone, meaning customers, your company, the profits and for us of course.

It is obligatory for who design a website to create useful devices providing velocity to your business besides a correct usage, efficient advertisement and a clear message.

We wanted to mention the efficient programs that web designers mostly use, in this article. A correct introduction and advertisement of a trademark is a serious job and it can only be possible with a professional team and teamwork.


The most popular program web site designers most used Adobe Dreamweaver

The reason why almost everyone in the world like this program is binary creation of coding and visual design. Dreamweaver is an efficient web design program enabling an easy usage for the coding languages like Html, Php, Asp, Javascript.


Standard of preparing efficient visuals: Adobe Photoshop

Web design doesn’t mean just the presentation of a text site to the users. At the same time it must include efficient visual elements. A website without a graphic design looks like a book with a lot of unknown matters for the users. That’s why Adobe Photoshop is not a necessity but an obligation for a successful graphic design.


Don’t worry about your lack of code knowledge, Microsoft Front Page is at your service

If you accept yourself as an authority on Microsoft Office programs, designing a website may become as easy as preparing slide shows or taking care of Excel files. Microsoft Front Page, as a program used by the ones who are authorities on Office programs, may enable you to prepare and broadcast an average level web site.


Your logos and all products of your trademark deserve a better resolution quality with Freehand.

Freehand program that enables you to draw vector lines is used for superior quality logo and advertisement graphics. Enlargement or minimization of a logo displayed is not important. It provides you a high quality resolution for all dimensions.


Reach more Bustling and vivid images by using Adobe Flash

From time to time every subject needs a moving text and visuals presented in a bustling way. Adobe Flash that is a mostly used program for such a duty makes it a piece of cake for the designers.


The gates to internet is not only through computers, for the animation in every platform now try Adobe Edge Animate

As it is known besides computers, now tablets and smart phones are the devices that make you reach internet. Unfortunately, an animation work prepared by using Adobe Flash cannot be displayed on tablets and mobile phones. For his reason the most wanted flash program now is Adobe Edge Animate. It enables you to use all the opportunities of HTML5 technology.



However everyone knows it as an open source coded text arrangement program or a note pad, it is a program mostly used by every web designer. It has a qualification of displaying and correcting almost all sorts of internet programming languages. Programmers use it a lot thanks to this qualification.

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