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Internet world is a collection of information that grows and diversifies day by day. You can be sure that with the each second passing by, new texts and new visuals, are added to the internet world. 

In the middle of all this information, it is getting hard for the users, for the content providers and for Google, one of the greatest organizers of the Internet. 
The users cannot reach the accurate information and not all of the content providers work with the same level of care. In such an environment, the work load of Google, the father of the Internet, is incredible. Google and other search engines, even though they are as powerful as Google, are obligated to direct the users to the information that they looking for in the shortest way possible and to audit the content providers and their contents…

Google’s mission in the Internet world is much bigger that we think! In order to understand this mission, imagine an Internet without the search engines like Google! Or even better than imagining; try not using the search engine feature of Google for a week or for a day. We are sure that you don’t even want to try that. Even if you try to do it, you will realize that how limited the internet will be without the search engines. We would have to know the exact address of all websites that we want to visit and we would have a big trouble with the visuals. Actually, if Google didn’t exist, due to the way that we use the Internet, the system would create a search engine on its own. Today we have Google, but tomorrow there can be a greater company. As long as the Internet exists, there will definitely be a working mechanism of the Internet and a search engine that works as its organizer. 

But we can understand the importance of Google for the individual users, which are the end users, very well. Because every user is eventually an end user. But not everyone is a content provider for the Internet. How many people have websites or blogs? We accept that the presence and the importance of the social media on the search engines are increasing. It is aimed that every user of the Internet world to also become creators. Thanks to the websites like Facebook, Twitter, Mashable, Onedio and BuzzFeed, everyone can be considered a content creator. 

But we are talking about the sources that make information transfer by constantly providing content. Which are the websites… As we said from the beginning of our article, all websites must help Google, which has a vital place for our Internet world to run problem-free and in a much more efficient way. 
And Google is making certain adjustments and enforcing rules about this issue. This way, it separates the websites that are full of unnecessary information from the right ones, the websites that hold up-to-date content from the ones that hold out-of-fashion content. It may even not show old and wrong content at all. And this is called search engine optimization, SEO. 

In the website that you are going to create, you have to work in a way that Google can easily and accurately understand you. All of these works are classified as SEO works. SEO works must meet the criteria about software-related requirements, link structure, title choices and text lengths of the content on your website as much as possible. SEO world is very detailed and it is a process that must be carried out professionally no matter what your website is about. So, ranking high on the searches made by internet users will be your biggest income channel in this sector. 

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