Why is it important to be listed at the first page of Google searches?
Google Birinci Sayfada Olmak Neden Önemli?

Mega search engine Google that is accepted as the assistant of whole world is obligatory technology of the internet. It is impossible to reach the sites including what we search without it; because we cannot reach the websites, blog sites and endless information permanently increasing in number by entering address.


Actually, Google presents us the list of most suitable sites with the help of its impossible managed structure. All of us click the first link of the first page of search list and find what we are looking for.


Exactly for this reason, it is important to be at the first page. You have two possible ways to deliver the products and their introductions to your target group. First of them is continuous and expensive advertisements on a lot of platforms. The second and easier and cheaper way is letting your customers search you by using the key words you defined. This second way is more permanent and would be no burden to your company’s budget.


It is not difficult to say that the second one is more logical. By the way, if you consider that the numbers of billions of users of millions of websites are constantly increasing, it would not be possible for you to be at the top of search engine lists. However it is not impossible. By using correct methods and techniques your web site can be listed at the first page and top of Google searches for words and word groups you defined.


It is necessary to solve the logic of search engines to be at the first page and at the top.

Well-understanding the result showing algorithm of Google is the first step of climbing the mountain of search results amongst hundreds of sites and millions of indexes. Your website would be the chosen one only after that study. The ranking after search engines evaluate your website is highly related to how compatible is your site to the standards and rules. Our firm is ready to share all of the deposit of experience about algorithms constantly renewing and updating. We are ready to make you gain such a privilege. It is highly difficult for you to be at the first page and at the top of search lists without having the qualifications that can cope with the indexing experience gained from Google year by year.


You can climb to first row in Google searches by developing correct strategies.

SEO which can be named as the correct way of projecting your website is in front of you as the unique way that can carry you to the top of the list. It would not be wrong to define SEO as the art of creating web sites that are original and suitable for the search engines algorithms.

SEO which is targeting qualified indexes in a qualified way can be defined as a whole projecting process. First page index which is mostly shaped by algorithms can be remembered as these algorithms are created by human. That’s why your site cannot be successful, unless it is not designed compatible to Google indexing algorithm. Reaching your target can only be possible by using correct projects held by professional teams.


We may divide necessary operations into three subtitles.

First of them depends on the principle of “the best website is the one which gathers links”.

The links coming from similar websites to your website make you accepted as the authority of your class.


Are you really different?

All sorts of qualifications identifying you from the other companies and institutions make you original. Having such original information makes your ranking increased.


Which word or word groups is your site focused on?

These studies that can be named as labeling are actually incepting simple words and word groups that can summarize and define you to be searched. Which key words make you easier to be found by your target group? It is the answer itself: keywords. You can easily start project for optimization by searching these words and word groups in Google Keyword Planner and Adwords advertisement application.


The most important matter that would not be forgotten is that all of these SEO studies must be completed isochronously. It means that no matter how original you are seem to; Google would not let you go up to top, unless you are truly original.

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