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Graphic designs are creative processes for the Internet and computer technologies that combine colors, visuals and texts. 

Actually, the concept of graphic design has not been created for computer technologies, but it has been present since the prehistorical era of the humanity. As the first samples of graphic design, we can consider the drawings and shapes on the cave walls, which were done by the people of prehistorical era.  

So, even millions of years ago, people used shapes and certain symbols in order to give a message to the next generations or to express them themselves. Just like our ancestors, we are looking for a way to express ourselves with shapes, texts and visuals. And we do find it…

Even the invention of photography could not replace designs and graphics in the sense of expressing ourselves in a clearer way. While photographs reflect those moments, our imagination and creativity are more prominent in graphics and designs. In the historical progress, while the art of photography and painting were fulfilling other demands, the concept of art design was drawn to a whole different way. 

Especially after 1900s and with the industrialization, a need for visuals that are not genuine like painting, but that can meet the demands faster and that are orderable was born. 

At this point, the importance and value of the graphic design were well understood. Because the need for the visuals for the advertisement and the marketing of the products, such as show cards and adverts, led graphic design to the forefront. 

Just when graphic design started to integrate with commercial purposes with billboards and on-wall advertisements, the computer was invented. As the computers found their way into our lives, especially in the last quarter of the 1900s, graphic designs acquired a more scientific role. 

With the advanced opportunities, drawings and lines went beyond themselves; graphics started being used in the sciences like architecture, physics, chemistry and engineering, gained more importance and acquired more place as the time passes. 

The 3D reality that came into our lives with 2000s, was something more than just a dimension added to the designs. The existence of three dimensional graphics meant that graphics can serve the sciences more, and they were much more appealing to the end consumers. In an instant, everything that we can imagine in 3D in our minds, but that we can only design in 2D gained another dimension. The simplest example is the movie technologies; we are watching them with scenarios and setups that move the image out of the curtain simply with a glass. 

With the third dimension, more than the dimensions of the paper was in our computers. The number of the visuals that we bring into existence in our computers was going to increase from that point on. Today, the concept of three dimensions is one of the requisites for visuals and articles even in the simplest websites. 

Of course the concept of design, especially the concept of website design that comes into mind when the Internet is mentioned doesn’t only consist of visuals or three dimensions. Themes get more attention than the lines or shapes in website design. With the themes that respond to various needs, websites are designed to be completely filled with the owner’s contents. So, the design of the website is one of the most important processes for websites. There are thousands of websites that are only popular for their designs, not their contents are in service all over the world… So, why shouldn’t your website be like this?  

For the modern website designs that will make a tremendous impact and that will bring a new air to your contents, Global Design, which serves to all Turkey and centered in Gaziantep, is waiting for you. Website design is a serious job and Global Design with its professional designers who have this seriousness is continuing its works to always be genuine. If you wish to have a website with designs of latest technologies, you are invited to the quality of Global Design. 


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