The Use of the Heading Tags
Heading Etiketlerinin Kullanımı

Make sure that you are using the heading tags in the right order.
Heading tags and titles are ordered from large to small according to importance. The keywords used in these titles are important SEO-wise. 
Each page has a title and it is indicated by the h1 tag. Sub titles that are on this page must be ordered as h2, h3 and h4. The number of heading tags is also important. It is recommended to use maximum of
•    1 of h1
•    4 of h2
•    4 of h3
•    6 of h5 tags.  
Heading tags must be of different sizes. If you are using a ready-made theme, font settings have already been made. If you want to make certain changes, you shouldn’t forget that font settings of different sizes must be done. 
Heading tags must be used in line with the w3 standards. They must be used like this for example; 
<h1>Text Title</h1>
If the heading tag must be linked; 
<h1><a href=”” >Keywords</a></h1> should be used like this. The keyword used in this link is important SEO-wise. 


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