Optimization Tips about Content
İçerik ile ilgili optimizasyon önerileri

In the step of creating content, the use of targeted keyword must be handled carefully. 

The use of targeted keyword
The keyword that has been determined must be included in the first paragraph. If you are using a SEO add-on, first paragraph of your article is assigned as distribution area. This part I shown to the visitor during Google searches. For this reason, giving summarized information in the first paragraph by using keywords as much as possible will be beneficial. 

Make sure that your content is long and informative. 
Do not include contents that consist of long and unnecessary sentences just to be included in the search results. On the contrary, include beneficial knowledge that answers to the questions of the visitors and that continues in an informative order. Do not forget, you are not creating your content for Google. 
Be careful about keyword density. 

Even though everyone has different opinions about this issue, the most logical thing is to use 1 keyword for each 100 words in your content. Actually, most of the studies show that naturalness is rewarded more greatly. So, using unnecessary keywords for the purpose of writing a SEO-friendly article will not do any good to you or your website. 

Make your content look rich image-wise. 
While you are creating your contents, you need to consider at least one genuine image. Some visitors would like to find something visual, rather than reading an article. For this reason, if you wish, you can share a video about your topic even if it is short. Do not forget to choose a suitable tag for your images and videos, depending on your keyword. 

Give links to your articles. 
It is not possible to gather all of the content on your website on a single page. The visitor targets the articles that are related to the topic of his/her interest. For this reason, you should link the articles that may be related with each other. Internal links like this will increase both your average traffic and the time on site. 
Try to make external links to your articles. 

Even though there are various opinions about this issue, do not hesitate to give links to a domineering site, even if you give just one. Make sure that you configure these links to open in a new tab. This kind of external links will definitely contribute to your website SEO-wise. 

Make sure to publish about current issues and publish regularly. 
The contents that you publish on your website will lose their actuality after a certain period of time. For this reason, you need to check and update these topics in certain periods. This process will increase your value in the eyes of both Google and your visitors. Besides this, you need to continue to regularly publish content. 


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