The Importance of Corporate Identity Works
Kurumsal Kimlik Çalışmasının Önemi

What will bring you to the forefront in the marketing works is your corporate identity. Corporate identity is the exposed face of a firm. As the firm expresses itself better, it gets the results that much faster. 
Whole corporate identity works may include graphic design (creating the firm logo, letterhead, brochures and business card) and website design along with many other works like office design and employee uniforms. 
For the permanence of corporate identity works, a company official and the designer must stay in contact and go over the ideas in detail. This work has to be a one-time image work.
For the corporate identity work to be successful; 
·         The purpose and the benefits that the corporate identity works will provide to the firm must be expressed accurately. 
·         In the light of the information that is gathered from the firm, the information must be confirmed by consulting with the firm. 
·         For the accurate color choice of the firm, right color-colors must be chosen by evaluating the sector and the customer mass or some color suggestions must be made. 
·         The firm must be notified of each step of the work and progresses must be made in line with the confirmations. 


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