The Importance of Meta Descriptions
Meta Açıklamalarının Önemi

Meta description; is the part where you give brief information about your website and it is located on the header part of your theme. You need to add this information manually. 

Meta part does not affect the ranking of your website, it only brings your site to the forefront on word-based searches on search engines. For this reason, you need to be careful about the issues that are stated below. 

•    Meta Description part must consist of 140 characters. If the description is longer than that, in the searches made on search engines, the part after the first 140 characters will not be visible. 
•    Your meta descriptions must give the most accurate information about your website. You should avoid adding unnecessary words and sentences. Because, if the visitors from search engines find what they are looking for in this description, they will click on your link.

You can edit the meta description according to your website as it is shown below or by viewing a resource link of a domineering website. 

 <meta name="description" content="Global Design and Internet Technologies provides professional web/desktop design and software solutions.">
<meta name="keywords" content="Gaziantep Web Design, Gaziantep Software">
<meta name="description" itemprop="description" content="Webrazzi is the most popular Turkish technology blog that focuses on internet enterprises, social marketing and mobile."/>
<meta name="keywords" itemprop="keywords" content="webrazzi, social media, social media news, social media twitter, social media marketing, internet, enterprise, startup, analysis, report, websites, research, blog, news, technology, Social Networks, Facebook, YouTube, Google, Twitter, investment, mobile, digital marketing, foursquare, video, ecommerce, e-commerce, online shopping, internet sector"/>


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