Creating SEO Compatible Content
Seo Uyumlu İçerik Üretmek

We cannot call all of the articles that are written within the frame of certain rules SEO compatible content. When we examine some of the articles that are stated as SEO compatible, we see that some of the words in some of the sentences are meaningless, that there is no collectivity of the subject, that similar sentences are repeated and that the article is way longer than it should be. These articles are only created for deceiving and filling the website. 

When you want to publish these articles in a website with WordPress infrastructure, if the Yoast SEO is included in your plugin-ins, you will see that they easily pass certain SEO criteria after a check based on a keyword that you choose. If you publish articles only after assessing them according to these criteria without actually reading them, you will be making a mistake. 

After the article that you have published is indexed, you continue to get visitors. But this won’t take long since the bots can detect the meaningless sentences. And thanks to the Google Analytics code in your website, Google gets an opinion about which keywords are bringing visitors, how much time these visitor spend in your website and whether they tour the website. If the visitors cannot get the information that they are looking for, Google can also understand that. 
Actually, in order to create SEO compatible content, it is necessary to understand Google. If you can comprehend the logic that we explained above, you can create clean content focused on visitors. Every website that can engage visitors, that contains unique and accurate content has a good place in the eyes of Google. 


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