SEO-Friendly Article Length
Seo Uyumlu Makale Uzunluğu

It is possible to give various answers to the question of what is the ideal length of SEO-friendly articles. Actually, depending on the keyword that you have chosen while writing the article, if you can answer the questions that pop into mind, that means your article is of the ideal length. But there are some topics that consist of many sub titles and it is impossible to mention all of them in the same article. In this kind of situations, creating sub titles and linking to the main article is possible. If you can direct the visitors to the other pages with this linking, then you give the visitors a complete detail regarding the topic that they are searching for. This situation causes your visitor to spend a long time on your website and therefore increasing the dwell time. 

Most of the article writers create the contents within certain patterns. While some of them write keyword-based article, some of them write like the ones in news sites. Both writing techniques work in different styles of websites. Depending on your visitor profile, you can enrich your content by applying any one of the article techniques. 
While you are writing your article, you can summarize the topic in the first paragraph and give details in the next paragraphs. As you can talk about the topic that you have determined without sticking to the keywords like a newsletter, you can also create an informative article that follows a certain order. You can also use the synonyms of the keywords in the article. It is not a requisite to stick with all of the rules while writing a SEO-friendly article. Do not forget, every technique affects differently. 


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