What Is the Benefit of Writing SEO-Friendly Article for Your Website?
SEO Uyumlu Makale Yazmanın Sitenize Faydası Nedir?

In order to write a SEO-friendly article, you need to follow certain criteria. As these criteria will allow you to be on good terms with Google, you will also increase the time on page and time on site since you will provide satisfying information to your visitors. To increase the time spent by the visitors on your website, publishing informative articles as much as possible will be beneficial for your website. 

How to Write a SEO-Friendly Article

While writing a SEO-friendly article, the details that are stated below must be taken into consideration. First of all, the title of your article must be chosen accurately and there must be a keyword in it. The length of the title must be 66 characters. 

The 160 characters in the first paragraph of your article is the description part. For this reason, you can include a short summary of the topic by including the keyword in the first paragraph of your article. If it possible, the first paragraph must begin with the keyword. Sub titles that include keywords may be included to other parts of the article. These sub titles can be supported with genuine images and sub tags. 
SEO-friendly articles;

•    Must consist of at least 300 words and the content integrity must be provided among sentences. 
•    The ideal number of keywords should be 3-5%.
•    Keywords must be given one inter-site, one outside link. 
•    The keywords in the article must be highlighted by writing them in bold, italic and underlined. 
•    The keyword must be included in the last paragraph of the article. 
•    Contents from other websites should not be copied. 


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