How Should Be a SEO-Friendly Image?
SEO Uyumlu Resim Nasıl Olmalıdır?

We have talked about keyword density, consistency among sentences and average length for SEO-friendly article writing. Another important detail of SEO-friendly article writing is using SEO-friendly images. 
The visitors from search engines reach our websites via various ways. These are the genuine titles of our articles, keyword density, links to words and of course SEO-friendly articles that complete our articles. 
When we mention SEO-friendly image, the first that comes to mind is creating a genuine image. But search engines cannot actually perceive the image, they rather perceive the name and subtitles assigned to the image. For this reason, we must create a unique TITLE and SUB TAG for each image that we add to our articles. 
SEO-friendly image coding must be as shown: 
<imgsrc="image.jpg" alt="Your Image Description" title="Your Title" />
Besides this coding, the names you will assign to the images are also important. The name given to the image must be related to the topic of the article. For example, think that you are writing an article about skin care. The name that you should give to the images that you will add to this article must be like this: 
Do not include any meaningless or unrelated name and character in the names of images. 


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