How can I create a Web Site?
Web Sitesi Nasıl Yapılır?

Web Design Phases

Thousands of web sites start broadcasting everyday all around the world. They can only be successful if they are available and constantly carrying it’s potential to a higher level each and every day. That is the ultimate aim.


First of All: Your Name at the Internet Must Be Defined

First thing is domain name that all of the internet users and search results will see this name. It is so important for the beginning of the process. Both for personal and institutional phases it is important for you to find the best option, only after that your site will become a complete and successful site.

After defining a good domain name and after all the registration processes, the real difficulty starts.


What and How We Should Present?

Web sites presented without elaboration may cause you to get lost in the ocean of internet among rival web sites. This may cause your financial losses.

A professional study held by correct techniques and methods on your internet reputation would show you, your institution, your products and your company as a self-esteemed, respectful institution and it will definitely bring you more than you expected.


Preparation is an Obligation for a Correct Project

Perhaps how much preparation is done before starting a project is the difference between design companies? Preparation part would enable you to develop correct strategies for your targets. Without a good preparation understanding your targets would not be possible.

Bin this case studies starts with the introduction of a company. ‘About us’ part in almost each and every web site is so important because it introduces your company and the vision of it.


What Products We Present?

What products or offerings do you have and their prices should be presented clearly on your web site. This would help both for a good preview and a logical target definition for your customer. References part you may present here would be a good impression for you.


Contact and Address Part

One of the most important part of your web site is contacts and address part. You can only suggest your customers how to reach you by using this part. Contact part is an obligation for a web site.


Show How You are Different

After preparation part the question of what and how we present ourselves? Question comes first. This phase is the design part.

Design part is the answer of what and how we present ourselves question. You must consider how more easily understandable and practical you could be. In the first drafts you plan text, visuals, multimedia and animations that would present your target better. Created indexes must be coherent and related to each other. This process requires professionalism.

In addition to that logo and banners that would represent your institutional identity must be planned and harmonized in this phase.


What is happening at the Background?

The other side of your design work can be accepted as the kitchen of the work. The coding and establishing all the necessary applications, again and again testing the broken codes and tens of more procedures must be taken care of at this phase.


Shortly it is called ‘coding part’ but actually it is the skeleton of your web site that would carry all the burden on it. The control panel that will enable you to control and monitor everything happening in your website and the placements of the elements that would be shown to users will be competed in this phase; so that your website will be ready to be shown on the screens of your visitors.


Now Its Moving Time to Your Space in the Internet

After all of these preparation and design phases completed, your web site needs a hosting provider to broadcast your web site via FTP program. After that your web site becomes visible and reachable all around the world.


Test Phase

This is the phase that re-checks everything have been completed in a correct way. In this phase, every tiny defect and flaw is detected by again and again trials. If there is something not suitable for the purpose of customer they are corrected. Not only defects but also addictions and deductions according to customer’s will are done here.


Binary optimization works will carry your websites to the top of Google, Yandex, Bing, Altavista search engines result lists. Back links and indexes for your target words and word groups will enable your web site to climb upwards; so that you may decrease your advertisement expanses and save some money for the other urgent necessities of your company.


The End

Now Your Web Site is Ready for Broadcast

After all of these processes your web site is broadcasted and precautions are held against possible problems.

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