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The word ‘software’ has various meanings as a computer and technology term. Everything that includes a computer, every device and tool that makes our lives easier, whether we are aware or not, contains a software. For example, there is a software that flies the planes, one that allows us to withdraw money from ATMs, one that launches a rocket to the space and one that operates many technological devices in hospitals. It is an ensemble of formulas that operate successively in a mathematical base. 

As a matter of fact, softwares are the bases of devices that make our lives easier and that are created by the people who have significant mathematical knowledge, mathematical intelligence and imagination. Actually, it is more accurate to say that they are the devices that have changed our lives, rather than making our lives easier. 

This is due to the fact that most of the inventions of today consist of softwares that were created on computers rather than physical inventions. 

Consider the progress of phones; many years ago, there was a rotary phone with mechanical buttons that weighs half a pound in all of our houses. Along with certain technical parts that were invented, most of the technologies that allowed us to fit the phones in our pockets are softwares. Actually, all of the inventions that put the camera, calendar, music player, pager, alarm clock and secretary in our small phones are all softwares. 

It is clear that softwares have a substantial importance in our lives… Software is a term that we will bring up repeatedly and that will always be a part of our lives. The definition of the word summarizes it all well. 

Software: All of the programs, procedures, programming languages and documentations that are used in data processing and that gives life to the hardware in a computer. ‘Giving life to hardware’ can be considered as the devices and technologies that make our lives easier thanks to the softwares that they contain. 
So, what are the programming languages? Programming languages are the ways of creating an algorithm to run an operation and telling the computer what to do with this algorithm by the creators of these softwares. Programming languages operate with mathematical formulas and in mathematics, we can obtain the same result through different ways. For this reason, there are many different ways of making computers do something through softwares. These differences lead to programming languages. There are more than 150 programming languages currently and Basic, Java, Pascal, C, C#, C++, Delphi and Python are the most popular ones. 
As we mentioned, the world of software is so deep that people can get educated about it for years, so deep that faculties of it can be found in universities and so deep that billions of pages can be written about it. 

But as the individual Internet users, we want to mention the softwares that we encounter the most and that we can easily understand. We see the web softwares all the time in the Internet world, where we all spend a lot of hours. 

For example, certain functions that you like in a website are all codes, which means they are a part of the software. Behind a dazzling animation on a website, mathematical formulas, numbers and commands operate. All of them are just codes written on a simple notepad file. When they come together, they transform into a website that opens when you click. 

Even with this short article, we can understand how deep and how complex is the software world. 

For this reason, do not forget that softwares require expertise. And if you need a software for your own website, your address must be Global Design with its software and technology experts. Global Design, which is centered in Gaziantep and in service all over Turkey, is waiting for you, for all your software needs related to your websites. From latest technology softwares that you will use on your websites to e-commerce softwares, you can work with Global Design for the most professional software services. 


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